May 29, 2018

Summer out in Tayto Park

With summer about to take hold out in Tayto Park we take a look back at some of the varied & exciting work we’ve created for one of Ireland’s best known brands. It all started with a best selling autobiography and took in Ireland’s biggest roller coaster along the way !

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AMP Visual Creative have been a key partner in the success of Tayto Park becoming one of Ireland’s most visited family attractions.

Their exceptional creativity backed up with strong project management has helped us grow visitor numbers year on year.

Since we opened in 2010 AMP Visual have always exceeded our expectations.

Niamh Reynolds
Marketing Manager Tayto Park

Every project, no matter how big or small, starts with an idea.

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February 20, 2018

The Script – Freedom Child, Album Campaign

To coincide with The Script’s current  European tour and following on from their cracking sold-out Dublin shows, we put together this creative review which gives you an insight into the recent launch of their new album “Freedom Child”.

It all started with an email from Mark, The Script’s guitarist:

“Album’s just finished, get over to the London studio…”

View PDF below:

September 19, 2016

U2 A light in the dark

When a lightbulb from a desk lamp turned into a DVD cover. 
Just a couple of songs into the U2 iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE show, the stage is illuminated by a single glowing larger-than-life-size lightbulb.
It evokes a light without a shade from a young U2 band member’s bedroom where their first songs were crafted.
The lone lightbulb on stage also conjures up the innocence of memories of U2’s early days rehearsal spaces and contrasts memorably with the U2.IE tour’s huge video screen above the stage catwalk with its vivid moving electronic wash of colour that fills the arena each night.

The lightbulb is both intimate and iconic and makes for something uniquely different – the perfect symbol for the tour, along with the lyric, ‘there is a light, don’t let it go out’ from Songs Of Innocence, it captures both innocent hope and the experience of fear of these times. It’s a powerful motif.

For the U2.IE DVD and Blu-Ray packaging project, we worked with Gavin Friday, U2’s long term creative consultant. We all ultimately felt that this lightbulb moment had just the right association and impact to make for a memorable cover — one of nearly 40 cover designs we made for the project. 


The cover photograph, of a lightbulb taken from a desk lamp, is treated in a tough punk-like graphic way to match the broken linear quality of the U2.IE tour logo mark.

The lightbulb photo is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s ‘banana’ sleeve for The Velvet Underground & Nico. To further the link, on the U2.IE 2-disc DVD version, the lightbulb peels off to reveal an abstract image underneath of a pear!

We used variations of the cover motif across the packaging formats, the menus for the DVD and Blu-Ray, for merchandise and across digital and print outdoor advertising and promotion. We even included a USB lightbulb in the Super Deluxe packaging version.

Thanks to Rozette Rago for the use of the live band photo.


January 7, 2016

A few of our favourite things – All packed up but nowhere to go

In Amp Visual’s continuing blog where we dig out items from our design archive – the ‘accidents’, the oddities, the leftovers or the strangely cool that usually don’t see the light of day. These items are usually some of our favourite things.
These 2 logo mark visuals were made for an apparel merchandising company that was going to be called Suitcase. The idea was to make a series of whimsical marks that would be used as part of the company’s promotion. During the process the company’s name changed and so also did the visual identity direction, so the marks were never used. Unclaimed Baggage!AMP_Visual_Unused_logos_2
December 11, 2015

Inside of U2’s heads

Inside of U2’s heads
The Dadaists coined the term “photomontage” around 1918 in Berlin. It’s an art-form arriving from collaging photographs with mixed media that found a home in the powerful propaganda of the Soviets. Nowadays, the process is more commonly known as digital manipulation or “photoshopping”.
For the AMP Visual-designed U2.IE Tour book, we imagined scenes from the band’s memories of growing up in Dublin to create a series of photomontages. Selecting locations in Dublin that held a connection with the band, we overlaid these scenes onto recent photographs of the U2 band members.
Adam – Dublin’s port authority cranes at the Alexandra Basin on the north side of the river Liffey. Much of U2’s early photography was taken not far from this industrial area. The ‘Point Depot’ is just up the river, where the band recorded parts of the Rattle and Hum album, and where they played during the Lovetown tour in December 1989 and the Innocence + Experience tour in November 2015.
Edge – a view of the gasometer on Sir John Roberson’s Quay beside Dublin’s river Liffey. The structure, erected in 1934, held 3 million cubic feet of gas for Dublin’s residents. It was dismantled in 1994. The gasometer wasn’t far from Barrow street where The Factory rehearsal space was located and where the band recorded much of the album Zooropa in 1993.
Bono – a montage of the Ballymum Tower blocks. Bono could see these seven towers from where he lived growing up on Cedarwood road. They were part of Dublin’s northside landscape from the mid 1960s before the demolition of the last tower in 2015. They were named after the seven leaders of 1916 rising and were built to mainly accommodate former residents of Dublin’s north urban slums. The area suffered much social deprivation and problems with drug abuse and rampant crime a feature and the towers are one of the subjects of the U2 song Running To Stand Still from The Joshua Tree album in 1986.
Larry – O’Connell street showing its statue of ‘big’ Jim Larkin by Irish sculptor Oisin Kelly in 1977. Larkin was a social activist, an Irish trade union leader and founder of the Irish Labour Party. He played a significant role in the 1913 ‘Dublin Lockout’ industrial dispute. O’ Connell street’s Savoy cinema held the world premier of the Rattle And Hum movie in 1988.
November 17, 2015

Goin’ Ol’school

Because you can, we recently updated our We Transfer screens. It allowed us to dust off the Duct Tape and a can of spray paint. We Transfer is btw, a fab cloud-based service for transferring those ginormously humongous type files we end up sending all of the time.
U2_Web_WeTransfer_Screen1-1 U2_Web_WeTransfer_Screen2-1Why not try our screen images on your desktop, tablet or smart phone, images on link below:


November 10, 2015

A few of our favourite things – Unloved Pets

Every design studio has a drawer full of unused logo marks. AMP Visual is no different. We have countless unused marks that were rejected for whatever reason (and some of the reasons were of course that the marks weren’t very good!).

They’re like unloved pets; even though they might be a bit peculiar, they have their loveable qualities, even though they don’t see the light of day, they can even be some of our favourite things.

These 2 unused logo marks were made for a video production company.

November 9, 2015

Head for fashion with Velodyne

A while back Velodyne Acoustics in California contacted us to design some skins for some of their incredible headphone range. It’s a smart idea that allows you to customise and easily change the look of your headphones to match your mood. AMP Visual came up with some vivid and colourful designs to suit.

You can check them out at

They also have a nice link to us at

October 19, 2015

Farewell Steve!

After what has been a phased withdrawal over the past while, Steve Averill has retired from AMP Visual. It’s a retirement that will give him more time for his many other interests – not least of which is ‘The Trouble Pilgrims’, the band that carries the musical torch he lit with Pete Holidai and the late Philip Chevron, many years ago.

Of course it’s ‘business as usual’ for AMP Visual’s international, award-winning design team. That being said, Steve will be greatly missed. He has been a significant figure in Irish graphic design, as well as a punk guru and a mentor to artists of every sort. We hope you will join us in wishing him the very best.

Go n-éirí an bóthar leat!

Shaughn, Richard, Gary, Alicia, Rob.

For further details contact:


September 2, 2015


Reflecting Innocence and Experience

The U2.IE tour is based around songs from the current album Songs Of Innocence, an album whose themes include the band’s present selves reflecting on their past and how it makes them who they are today. It’s also a tour that incorporates an incredible back catalog of songs, all set to a vivid and dynamic theatrical show.
AMP Visual decided that the tour book infact needed to be two books! As a result, we designed the U2.IE tour programme in a Z-shaped format that could be opened from either end – so it was in effect, 2 separate books. This allowed the two themes of ‘innocence’ and ‘experience’ to be explored as separate graphic approaches — the Innocence side employed graphical devices and colour scheme pertaining to a somewhat more punk-like ethic while the Experience side had a more layered, moderne and more digital-vibe with a vivid and saturated RGB colour palette. Both sides incorporated an array of treated photography, typography and imagery that was to reflect the dual nature of the show itself.
August 29, 2015

A few of our favourite things

Damaged Goods

AMP Visual regularly post recent projects that we’ve designed, by way of showing off our wares so to speak and sometimes we show items from our design archives that are still favourites of ours. Occasionally though, we have items in our achieve, the ‘accidents’, the oddities, the leftovers or the strangely cool that usually don’t see the light of day. These items are usually some of our favourite things.

U2_Vertigo-Single_Poster_amp_visual_graphic_designThis is one of the oddities, it’s the remains of a U2 Vertigo single promotional poster used as package wrapping sent to us way back in 2004 that would have been posted to us by the record company. The proliferation of stickers and notices of air delivery officialdom haphazardly applied combined with the torn and missing poster parts gives this piece an authenticity that strangely mirrors the poster’s design.

Much as we liked the actual designed poster, its the random deconstruction that occurred to the poster during its travels that makes this item more fascinating.

August 13, 2015

Change Is Good

The LloydsPharmacy ‘Change Your Health Direction’ is a community engagement aimed at both customers and non-customers alike. It’s a wide-reaching initiative that fits closely with their message of positive living, that aims to help and support people to change one of more aspects of their health, primarily in the areas of nutrition, stopping smoking and weight management. Its benefit to LloydsPharmacy is in driving a positive point of difference and further delivering better service to their customers.

AMP Visual worked closely with the marketing and PR teams to form a strategy that includes an 8-week diary programme for both weight management, stopping smoking and further services awareness, press advertising and a digital campaign that ran in the opening week of the new year all of which is supported by a strong CTA message.

We created an identity that employed a compass motif that’s used across all collateral that ties in closely with the initiative’s title. This is supported by a co-ordinated graduated green and white colour scheme and simple typography. At the centre of the compass motif is a heart containing icons of some of LloydsPharmacy’s main customer services. The heart motif contains icons represents ‘Experience Care’ – which is all of LloydsPharmacy’s customers services.

The ‘Change Your Health Direction’ has been a good success this year and the intention is to expand it further in the year to come with further integrated community outreach programmes.

August 13, 2015

U2 – The Nature Of Innocence

The powerful photograph of Larry Mullen Jnr and his son that makes the cover of U2 Songs Of Innocence has several points of view. Perhaps primarily, it’s a commentary on childhood from the perspective of being there and having been there and of trying to continue to live in continuing wonder as a son of innocence. There is a clue to that in the title typography; in the space between the ‘son’ and ‘gs’. In many ways this latest U2 album cover by AMP Visual was a return to direct, stark, iconic black and white images of the early albums and those days of innocence.

July 30, 2015

LloydsPharmacy Medicines Adherence Infographic

The key information

One of AMP Visual’s clients, LloydsPharmacy, has recently completed an Irish public medicines adherence survey with some interesting results. They asked us to illustrate their results as part of promoting awareness on this matter that touches on some important health issues that are being debated at an EU level. We created an infographic for use both in print and online that could be easily followed and understood.


September 26, 2014

Reep Rewards new identity

Reep Rewards is a smart mobile phone app that helps consumers find their favourite products for less. For an app that’s strongly about communication and informing the customer, AMP Visual created a shopping bag character with a personality and clarity to stand out. The function of communication is emphasised by housing the character in a speech bubble. The result is a logo that is simple, attractive and bold. It is highly flexible and scalable to suit all marketing purposes. The Reep Rewards new identity rebranding coincides with the launch of an upgrade to the Reep Rewards app and website.

AMP Visual also wrote the new Reep Rewards tagline slogan, ‘Makes Perfect Shopping Cents’, that describes succinctly the meaning of the brand and that synopsises the purpose of the app.

Paul Guy, Chief Marketing Officer of Reep Rewards, said, ‘as the scope and innovation of the new app increased we decided to refresh our identity to reflect the evolution of the app’. Reep Rewards turned to AMP Visual, the award-winning Dublin based design agency, for its new look. Paul Guy also said, ‘we at Reep Rewards are excited by the new identity and look forward to engaging with customers’.

About Reep Rewards
With the Reep Rewards app, consumers can find their favourite products for less. Their special offer promotions allowing users to shop around to save time and money. The app also allows users to personalise offers and receive updates on their favourite products.

Visit Reep Rewards at:

ReepRewardsLogo ReepRewards_Icon Reep_iPhone-images

March 4, 2014

U2 Dublin Map Design


North And South Of The River

Drawn From Memory: Wandering in U2’s Dublin is the subtitle of ‘North And South Of The River’, a beautiful wall map that visualises the story of U2 in their home city over thirty years. It comes with North Side Story, part of our annual subscription offer.

Drawn by Shaughn McGrath, of the band’s longtime design team AmpVisual, the map captures 44 events in the life of the band, locating them in an entirely not-drawn-to-scale way which would leave you lost and confused in Dublin if you used it to navigate the city.

Here’s a few highlights from the early years.


In September 1976, Larry Mullen Sr suggested to Larry Mullen Jr that he put up a notice at Mount Temple Comprehensive school, looking for musicians to form a band. Seven pupils got in touch, including Dave and Dik Evans, Adam Clayton and Paul Hewson.


Rosemount Avenue, Artane: ‘On Saturday 25th September 1976, this odd group of people convened in my kitchen in Artane. And that’s where it started. It was the Larry Mullen Band for about ten minutes, so as not to hurt my feelings. It was also my kitchen.’


Derek Rowen, later Guggi of the Virgin Prunes, lived at No. 5 Cedarwood Road. Paul Hewson, later Bono of U2, was just along at No.10. ‘Down the cul de sac’, at No. 140, lived Fionán Martin Hanvey, later Gavin Friday of the Virgin Prunes. ‘Bono and Guggi knew each other since they were four,’ recalls Gavin, ‘but I wasn’t mates till I was 12.’ No.5 became HQ for the cultural experiment that was Lypton Village. ‘We invented our own language,’ recalls Bono. ‘Dressed differently, put on these performance art things and, in the end, formed two bands, the Virgin Prunes and U2.’


Monday night was music night at 140 Cedarwood Road where teenage mates gathered around what Gavin recalls was ‘a proper stereo and the latest record collection’.


Ard Na Mara, in the coastal suburb of Malahide, where Adam grew up, is where the band first rehearsed, where Bono wrote his first song and where a photo shoot for the first single – ‘Out of Control/U2-3’ – took place in the attic. Rehearsals then moved across Malahide, to the garden shed of the Evans family home, on St. Margaret’s Park.

February 12, 2014

MR. TAYTO – A Brand Ambassador

Some brands have a way of capturing an enduring nostalgia through an iconic character. There’s Ronald McDonald, the Michelin Man and the Green Giant amongst others. Thinking about your own brand or company; as your strategy and awareness grows, it becomes even more important to define the character of your brand as part of your unique selling point.

Our Case Study: Tayto

Firstly, we are all big fans of the brand, both as consumers and as designers and that is where the responsibility became apparent, we were working with a national institution.


AMP Visual has established a long relationship with Tayto and it is because of the innovation and constant creative drive that has kept the brand as a first, with consumers.

As with any project, evolution and strategy was key in developing the brand, hence why Mr. Tayto became the Brand Ambassador for the new direction. From the best selling The Man inside the Jacket’  biography to the hugely successful Tayto Park, our aim was to keep Mr. Tayto as the main feature of this incredible and much loved product. But first, our character had to evolve. The original flat two dimensional form had to make way for our new contemporary 3D model, whilst maintaining its iconic recognisability.

See Mr. Tayto in all our campaigns by clicking here and if we can help you with your brand, let us know.

January 22, 2014

AMP Visual Tshirt Design – Amnesty International & U2

AMP Visual’s shirt design on behalf of U2 and Amnesty International have been used as part of the Hard Rock Signature Series Collection. AMP Visual are extremely proud of this worthy relationship. Below are the designs and the video displaying the animation of our design.


January 20, 2014

Ordinary Love wins a Golden Globe award.

We’re delighted to see that U2’s song Ordinary Love recorded for the Nelson Mandela biopic: ‘Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, featuring a painting by Oliver Jeffers, for which we designed a very limited-edition 10″ vinyl sleeve to mark Record Day, has won a Golden Globe for best original song.

U2 Ordinary Love Advert Amp Visual Graphic Design

See link here

It’s the band’s second Golden Globe after their 2003 win for the song The Hands That Built America from Gangs Of New York. AMP Visual are delighted for the band and proud of our continuing long association with them as their graphic designers.

December 11, 2013

U2: The rare ol’ times

North Side Story is a book by Ireland’s Hot Press Magazine that covers the early years of U2 in Dublin from 1978 through to 1983 – from schoolroom to stadium. It’s packed full of rare and unseen photos, interviews and articles from the Hot Press back files plus new interviews and insights, bringing the story of the band right up to date.

AMP Visual were asked to design the book cover. Featuring an early photo of the band shot in Dublin; we also managed to fit in just a hint of the infamous seven towers of Ballymun as mentioned in U2’s ‘Running To Stand Still’ within the title lettering.

In addition, we were asked to come up with a special map for inclusion with the book. We designed and illustrated a large wall map that’s kind of a memory of U2’s Dublin complete with recollections and incidences that have happened to the band throughout the years in their home city.

Hot Press Magazine is still THE music magazine in Ireland and they’ve been there to follow every stage of U2’s career from the very beginning. They were commissioned to make this exclusive, limited edition publication especially for



November 25, 2013

U2 – A Perfectly Ordinary Sleeve

AMP Visual have designed a 10 inch vinyl sleeve for U2 to mark Record Day for a song called Ordinary Love. The song has been written for the movie Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.
We also designed a 10 inch sized-sleeve for a promo version of the U2 single Vertigo way back. 10 inch is a really nice-sized vinyl format and it’s great to see vinyl in general making a revival in recent times with greatly increased sales.
The cover painting of Nelson Mandela is by Oliver Jeffers, and Oliver, along with his colleague Mac Premo have also directed a superb lyric video for the song.
October 14, 2013

LloydsPharmacy Ireland is in Great Shape

Created by AMP Visual, the new DocMorris to LloydsPharmacy Ireland name change campaign is a Multi media campaign involving TV, radio, press, digital and outdoor. The campaign was based on and built around LloydsPharmacy colleagues.

Colleagues at LloydsPharmacy Ireland are among the brand’s most powerful assets and USPs. The 20 second TV advert brings 40 staff members together from all over the country to form shapes which represent different aspects of the message. While one of these images appears in each poster, press and online execution, the TV commercials are made up of a succession of shapes over the course of 20 seconds.

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October 4, 2013


All Done in the Best Possible Taste!

AMP Visual’s Campaign for Tayto’s two New Flavours has hit the billboards, as well as the shelves and aisles of shops and supermarkets across the country. Working closely with Níamh O’Shea, Senior Brand Manger at Largo Foods, AMP Visual has created a range of executions, across a variety of media, to promote Tayto’s two new flavours, which were selected by the public through a Facebook-based taste testing.


Copy and concept work is by AMP art director Gary Kelly, with account management by Richard Whitty. The comprehensive campaign consists of Outdoor, POS, Digital, Trade advertising, PR Promotion and event development.

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December 3, 2012

U2 x 5 Hidden Things

Continuing with our occasional blog called U2 x 5, whereby we take 5 related pieces we’ve designed or been involved with for the band and comment on them, we thought we’d share some things we’ve done for U2 that through design or accident aren’t at first or even second look easily seen. Mostly these elements were obscure or hidden, sometimes deliberately so and sometimes we included them just for fun.

Zooropa – album cover

The album was recorded while the band were on their European leg of the Zoo TV tour called Zooropa, from which the album took its name. The tour with its highly charged electronic TV images in all of their saturated colours and fizz gave us the notion of conjuring up the sleeve of Zooropa as a kind of electronic flag. It’s central motif of the Astrobaby surrounded by 12 stars in imitation of the European flag tied in strongly with the album’s European roots. The design, made quite quickly, is built up of a grid of images in the same manner of Achtung Baby over which layers of distressed, floating text are placed. This text was comprised of the upcoming album’s track titles provided to us as we were designing the sleeve. Somehow lost in the rush, we managed to not to update this track list so that several songs that didn’t make the final cut got left behind in the embedded piece, including Wake Up Dead Man, Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me and If You Wear That Velvet Dress!

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November 24, 2012

Stealing Hearts At A Travelling Show

Edit 2014: The book is now sold out

Recently we found some boxes containing the Stealing Hearts At A Travelling Show book which we published in 2003. It wasn’t a lot of books, but they were in perfect condition. So, what do we do with them? It’s a book we are proud of, we put a lot of thought into its process; Lisa Godson (of The Sunday Times) wrote the text with exclusive interviews with Bono and Adam, we went and recreated the artwork utilizing the special metallic silver and gold colours of the work and even the fluorescent orange of the Popmart era.

We drew some postcards to go into the first 60 orders and strangely, it’s these postcards that people have been really interested in! We have drawn some more, enough for every 1 in ten books, but we’ve even had people just asking us to send them the drawing… that’s not possible to accommodate… sorry!

In case people don’t know btw, everyone who buys the book goes into a draw to get a copy of the U2 Wide Awake In Europe limited 12 inch numbered vinyl.

So, thank you to the people who’ve bought the book. Do please ‘Like’ us on your Facebook page. We hope your book arrives to you shortly to enjoy.

Finally, there are still some copies left if you’d like to order one quickly before the end of the year.

Many thanks,
AMP Visual.

October 17, 2012

U2 x 5 photographs by Anton Corbijn

Continuing in our occasional blog called U2 x 5, whereby we take 5 related pieces we’ve designed or been involved with for the band and comment on them, here’s a blog that’s kind of in tribute to Anton Corbijn being awarded the prestigious Price Bernhard Culture Fund award for his life’s work in 2011, we’ve chosen just five of his photographs for U2 and say why we like them.


All of the elements of this photograph from the back cover of U2’s 1984 album The Unforgettable Fire, go into making it a powerful and memorable image. The shattered dark ruin of the castle rising into the sky, the evidence of a prevailing windswept landscape with scrub growth and a leaning Hawthorn tree and finally the small figures of the band merging into the undulating form of the hillside. The infrared film stock lends a ghostly light to the scene, which is enhanced by the sepia tones of the print.

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April 3, 2012

The Virgin Prunes – a short design history

The Virgin Prunes – a short design history

A short time after working with U2 I was introduced to their friends and sometime touring partners the Virgin Prunes. In fact at the gig in Howth where U2 played two sets (one as The Hype, as a five piece band and the second as the four member U2) it was also the live debuts of the Virgin Prunes and my own (then) band The Modern Heirs – incidentally Adam Clayton played with all four bands that evening. That was the start of a long-time relationship that included the design of many of the covers for their recorded output.

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March 7, 2012

U2 x 5 Logos

We’ve worked with U2 for a long time as their graphic designers and through the years we’ve made quite a number of design pieces for the band. So we thought we’d do an occasional blog called U2 x 5. The idea is simply for us to take 5 related graphic pieces we’ve designed for the band and comment on them. This blog is about U2 logos.

Logos, they’re absolutely all around us. They are the shorthand and visual idiom of our age. We have always enjoyed making these little marks and symbols for U2. We’ve picked just five logos out of the many we’ve made for the band and say a few words about each.

The Joshua Tree

The isolated silhouette drawing of the Joshua tree was the first U2 logo to appear that people recognised globally. It works both literally and figuratively and it is highly memorable. People connect it intrinsically with the U2 masterpiece album and as such the icon has inherited the characteristics of integrity and a certain kind of honesty and beauty. The tree itself has a lovely very individual shape with its unusual branches and leaves. The logo represents all that that album means to people, so much so that some people have it as a tattoo.

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November 15, 2011

U2 Achtung Baby – a look back

When I first heard the opening salvo of U2 Achtung Baby and the channel flipping darkly distorted sound of Zoo Station, I literally thought that the CD player had broken, or that the speakers had blown, or that we had mistakenly been sent music by another band, it really was that different, that NEW, that un-U2 like.

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June 29, 2011

AMP Visual – A walkthrough a logo emblem design.

Not many designers relish the late evening call from a client as it invariably means one of two things. It’s the client’s eleventh hour and the design agency they were previously using hasn’t come up with a suitable result (and the budget’s all spent), or it’s the eleventh hour and your client needs something from you by the twelfth hour (and we’ll discuss the budget after). The common theme here is always the ticking clock.

Well, this was the later case, but with a difference; it was the eleventh hour but there was no budget at all, and rightly so. We were asked at a moment’s notice to come up with an emblem for the Hope For Haiti iTunes album. This was an album to be made available of some fantastic performances by some of the best known global artists working today. No pressure then!

We started with some very quick sketches. We were trying to represent the notion of hope and help without it feeling sanctimonious. We were inspired by images on TV of stories of great sadness coming out after the earthquake in Haiti, but also stories of elation as a person emerged from the rubble of a once standing building. So, hope was a reoccurring theme. This was reinforced by the line from the song, Stranded (Haiti Mon Amour) – ‘We won’t leave you stranded’ – as in, we will not forget you, we will support you.

Early drafts were both typographical and illustrative. The image of an upturned hand underneath a heart was one that came through.

If we were to use the upturned hand underneath a heart, the heart had to easily represent Haiti. Haiti is renowned for is its art, it is abundantly colourful, mostly figurative and beautifully decorative and so the notion the multi-coloured heart came into play.

We also wanted to make sure that the hand underneath was somehow an emphatetic one. So the hand couldn’t be aggressive, it needed to demonstrate sympathy and understanding. And so the fingers are long and tapered, they have a sense of gentle movement. Importantly, the curved shape of the hand between index finger and thumb mirrors the shape exactly of the heart above it.

The final touches to the emblem were the introduction of the scattering of paint across the surface – to add a sense of texture. And so as the clock struck twelve, well more like 2am a day and a half later, we got the ok through from Jay-Z and Bono’s people. Emblem approved, good call.

September 24, 2010

Does Music Need Design Anymore?

AMP Visual’s Shaughn McGrath will be participating in an Offset / State 2010 event panel discussion, “Does Music Need Design Anymore?” on Friday 1st October.

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June 27, 2010

Mr.Tayto, The Man Inside The Jacket – Case Study

Tayto crisps has a long and illustrious history, so it was not too big a leap to consider producing a book that looked at the history of this much loved product. As a marketing exercise it was decided that it should be done with humour and with a visual style and design that would make a strong impact with Tayto lovers everywhere…


June 14, 2010

AMP Visual – A new design studio with a great history


AMP Visual are a new design consultancy based at 68 Pearse Street, Dublin 2, Ireland, but our design team have a long history of producing an exciting mix of creative and innovative solutions for our clients. From brand identity to web design AMP Visual are open for business.

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June 5, 2010

AMP Visual – To the future…

After building a credible reputation for a particular brand for many years it is something of a jolt to the system to be forced to start again from scratch. It becomes a time to re-access what your doing and why you’re actually doing it – aside from the obvious need to make a living. So when we formed AMP visual it gave us the opportunity to take our future into our hands.

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June 2, 2010

AMP Visual – U2 360º Box Set – The Grand Opening

It’s not everyday that we get to design an item for something resembling a spacecraft, engines lit, ready for liftoff, but the cover image of our latest in a long line of pieces of work for U2 has just that feel. We’ve just finished designing the packaging for the U2360º Live DVD, filmed in Pasadena, California in October 2009, the cover of which is a live shot of the show with the stage bathed in red and gold with lights blazing and the entire 97,000 audience fantastically illuminated that we worked hard to get just right.

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