The LloydsPharmacy ‘Change Your Health Direction’ is a community engagement aimed at both customers and non-customers alike. It’s a wide-reaching initiative that fits closely with their message of positive living, that aims to help and support people to change one of more aspects of their health, primarily in the areas of nutrition, stopping smoking and weight management. Its benefit to LloydsPharmacy is in driving a positive point of difference and further delivering better service to their customers.

AMP Visual worked closely with the marketing and PR teams to form a strategy that includes an 8-week diary programme for both weight management, stopping smoking and further services awareness, press advertising and a digital campaign that ran in the opening week of the new year all of which is supported by a strong CTA message.

We created an identity that employed a compass motif that’s used across all collateral that ties in closely with the initiative’s title. This is supported by a co-ordinated graduated green and white colour scheme and simple typography. At the centre of the compass motif is a heart containing icons of some of LloydsPharmacy’s main customer services. The heart motif contains icons represents ‘Experience Care’ – which is all of LloydsPharmacy’s customers services.

The ‘Change Your Health Direction’ has been a good success this year and the intention is to expand it further in the year to come with further integrated community outreach programmes.

lloydspharmacy_logo_branding AMP Visual