Once upon a time, there was a book called ‘The Man Inside The Jacket’. It was the story of Mr. Tayto, Ireland’s best-loved brand icon. Designing the book was the first job AMP Visual undertook for Largo Foods – it was also the first time we had worked on the Tayto brand.

As the process unfolded, our working relationship with Largo Foods developed wonderfully and, importantly, so did our understanding of the Tayto brand. As we have learned time and again, strong relationships lead to strong work. In partnership with Largo Foods, we have put our brand knowledge to good use, bringing the character we had created for the book to life in multiple situations and applications.

As a brand icon Mr. Tayto lives far beyond the normal confines of marketing, advertising and promotions. We have taken him on a full journey, online, offline, on-pack, merchandising, mugs, birthday cards, cars, vans and more.

AMP Visual has probably applied Mr. Tayto across more formats, mediums and platforms than any other design item we have created. The two most important factors are, however, the strong working relationship we have developed with Largo Foods and the clear, coherent vision we developed together for the brand. These are two elements we seek to establish with all of our clients, regardless of the product, sector or market they inhabit – that’s the key to living happily ever after!

“Winning the Bord Bia Food & Drink Industry Award for Branding is a massive achievement for us and is largely due to the very successful partnership we have with AMP Visual. We know we can always rely on AMP Visual to get a world class job done at an affordable price.”

Rita Kirwan
Brand Manager, Largo Foods


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Tayto Design Branding AMP Visual Largo Foods Billboard POS Bus shelter

Tayto 'New Flavours' Campaign.

AMP-Visual-Mr-Tayto-Design-Coffee-Cup Dublin

The Popular Mr. Tayto Paper Cup.

AMP Visual Tayto Design Bridge Point of Sale Dublin
AMP Visual Tayto Design Bridge Point of Sale Dublin
AMP Visual Tayto Design Birthday Card Graphic design

Small Selection of Mr. Tayto, Unique Emoji Designs.